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Around The World Tummy Tuck

Around the World

An Around the World {ATW} Tummy Tuck is four procedures in one. The procedure accomplishes 4 goals:

  1. An Anterior Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty
  2. It removes the “Love Handle”
  3. It lifts the lateral thigh or leg
  4. It lifts the buttocks or “tush”

Practically speaking, it is a tummy tuck on your front, flanks, and back. Patients choose this operation if they want improvement of not only the front of their abdomen, but also the sides and the back. Most individuals notice a reduction in one clothes size while others, with diet and exercise discipline, will note a reduction or 2 or more clothes sizes. {ie from size 12 to size 10 or 8}

Scarring for the operation is the same for an abdominoplasty plus a scar that wraps around one’s side and to the back. This is easily concealed with a one or two piece bathing suit and fades over 2 years.

The recovery from the operation is no longer than an abdominoplasty. Most patients return to non-active work after 2 - 3 weeks and full exercise after 6-8 weeks.

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