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Cellulite is a common cosmetic concern for many people, with as many as 90% of women dealing with lumpy dimpling on their buttocks and thighs regardless of their weight and BMI. While cellulite may be harmless to a patient’s health, that does not mean that people enjoy having it downgrade the appearance of their skin.

Aveli Treatments Savannah & BlufftonFortunately, The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery has a fantastic new FDA-approved cellulite treatment: Aveli. It is by far the most effective cellulite treatment our doctors have ever seen, and its minimally invasive nature makes it an easy procedure for many patients to regain smooth skin on their butt and thighs. Rather than treating cellulite from the outside like most cosmetic procedures, Aveli goes beneath the skin to tackle cellulite at its source.

Benefits of Aveli

  • Proven cellulite reduction for most patients
  • Long-lasting results
  • A single treatment is usually sufficient
  • Minimal discomfort and downtime
  • Safe for use on all skin tones (with no risk of hyperpigmentation)

Given that other cellulite treatments on the market produce temporary results, require multiple treatments, and are less effective than Aveli, the reasons for choosing Aveli are plain to see.

Before and after 1 Aveli™ treatment to buttocks

Candidates for Aveli

The ideal candidate for Aveli is between 25 and 45 years old with a BMI of 25 or lower. For the treatment to be most effective, patients should not have lost a significant amount of weight or had liposuction performed on the treatment area. Furthermore, the patient should still have skin elasticity with fewer than 25 cellulite dimples.

Aveli Treatment Details

Aveli is a minimally invasive outpatient treatment. Patients are given local anesthesia to ensure they are comfortable throughout the hour-long procedure.

Using a customized handheld device, the doctor makes miniature incisions on the patient’s thighs and/or buttocks. Through these incisions, the doctor can identify and sever septa, the specific connective tissue bands responsible for individual cellulite dimples. Doctors can be more precise with the handheld piece than comparable treatments and also confirm that the septa was cut correctly.

Aveli Recovery

Aveli Treatments Springfield & Claxton Recovery is easier than is often the case with other cellulite treatments thanks to Aveli’s precision. While other treatments treat more tissue than necessary, Aveli can pinpoint the exact septa that create dimples.

Patients usually need just two or three days of downtime for any discomfort to subside. It is safe for patients to drive themselves home after their treatment, though they may notice some pressure while seated. Our doctors recommend that strenuous exercise be postponed for at least a couple weeks. For the first couple months, it is important to wear sunscreen with a high SPF on treatment areas that are not covered by clothing.

Transformative Aveli Results

While the results are not immediately visible due to swelling and bruising, most patients start noticing cellulite after one month and can enjoy the full results after three months. In clinical trials, almost all patients saw a dramatic reduction in their cellulite. The results are indefinite and do not require periodic touch ups.

Take Control of Your Cellulite

If you are dissatisfied with the dimpling on your buttocks and thighs and would like a long-lasting treatment to restore smoothness for your skin, come see for yourself why Aveli is one of our most recommended treatments. For a complimentary consultation, please call 817-961-1950.

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