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Liposuction & Tummy Tuck Coupling in Savannah, GA

Liposuction & Tummy Tuck Combination in Savannah

Locations Also in Hilton Head, Statesboro & Effingham

A large percentage of Savannah, GA patients choose to have liposuction performed at the same time as their tummy tuck. The most common liposuction areas are the sides and lower back {love handle}, the saddlebags, and the inner thighs. The reasons for combining both procedures are twofold. First of all, a more balanced figure with natural, harmonious proportions usually results from the combination of a tummy tuck and liposuction. Secondly, it saves the patient money as compared to coming back for a second operation to address the areas previously mentioned.

The addition of liposuction to a tummy tuck does not significantly increase ones recovery period.

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