Male Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

More men are coming in to see us in reference to male gynecomastia, so I thought that I would write some information in regards to what are the problems and how do we treat them.

1) Breast Bud: A mass that is often tender beneath the nipple areolar complex.
2) Excess Breast Fat: This gives us the overall enlargement of the breast.
3) Excess Skin: The excess sag and skin that is more common with larger breasts.

Procedures Used
Today the most common operation is a combination of pheriperal liposuction with excision of the breast mass through either a scar under the areolar or through the nipple itself. Our goals is to give you the best result with the littlest external scar possible. If there is a lot of redundant skin, it may require a mastopexy or skin incision to make the breast flat.

Most patients are very appreciative of the results.

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