“Stem Cell” Facelift

“Stem Cell” Facelift

Is there really a “Stem Cell” facelift available in United States yet?

The concept is to isolate a patient’s multi potential cells, inject them beneath the skin, and  truly stimulate the rejuvenation of the overlying skin and increase the volume of the underlying tissues leading to a more youthful appearance.

We do “fat injections” to the face and other parts of the body.  It does contain a small amount of stem cells, and it does increase volume and improves the quality of the overlying skin.  It just is not really a true “Stem Cell Facelift” – because it would contain a more concentrated number of the actual stem cells.  There are a few sites in the country working on making them available – but none  yet.

Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy?

The question often arises, “how long after pregnancy can I have a breast augmentation.” This curiosity stems in part from the physiological inflation and deflation of the breasts that women observe during the peripartum period.

As a child grows in-utero the mother’s body prepares to nurture this newborn, and one of the most noticeable responses is enlargement of the mammary glands. When this tissue is functioning to produce milk the breasts continue to have a full, large and robust appearance. It is when the mother decides to stop breast feeding that she experiences the beginning of her breast tissue involution which leaves the breast looking small, and feeling deflated.

We always counsel our patients that our commitment to them is to provide a safe, long lasting result. With respect to providing a durable breast augmentation result, a stable size is essential. We always recommend that patients who have recently stopped breast feeding wait for at least 4 to 6 months after the last feeding or pumping session. This allows ample time for the breast to “dry out” and return to the shape and size that the breast “truly” is.  There are no clear cut studies establishing these timelines so this is our recommendation based on experience, we emphasize each patient is unique. In general plastic surgeons find it more unreliable to plan around a changing part of the body, so when the breast reaches this “settled” time, we can plan for augmentation and expect results that we see in our non pregnant and non lactating patients…thus enabling us to provide a more stable and predictable outcome.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Is your butt saggy or flat or do you just want a little better curve?  If so, the Brazilian Butt Lift may be for you.  The Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of butt augmentation that results in a younger, perkier looking buttocks.  Doctors here at The Georgia Institute For Plastic Surgery remove skin and fat from the selected areas of your body and then reinject it into your buttocks under the muscle giving it a more rounded, fuller and firmer look. The doctor’s will consult the patient where he thinks the most fat can be harvest from, most women tend to pick the abdomen and the flanks (love handles). If the patient doesn’t have enough body fat the doctors will sometimes suggest a butt lift. Like other plastic surgeries the Brazilian Butt Lift has the usual risks and complications.  The Brazilian Butt Lift is a safe, long lasting procedure that is surely to boost a person’s confidence!

Breast Augmentation – What is right for me?

Breast Augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed to help a women feel better about themselves. After helping over 3,000 women either make their breast larger, smaller, or just more even and perky, I have gotten a good understanding about how important a women’s breast are to their self image and happiness.

I actually became a plastic surgeon because someone close to me had a breast augmentation, and it totally changed her personality. She went from a quiet introvert to an outgoing, vivacous individual. I thought -” That is cool!” They were able to change her life through surgery.

Breast implants are nothing more than a volume and shaping device that is placed beneath your tissues in order to get a larger or more shapely breast. When choosing the appropriate size for you, you must realize that your new breast size will be what ever volume of breast you already have plus the amount we add to your breast. You also want to choose a size that you will be happy with now, when you have a child and you are at the PTA meeting and want to carry around when you are 65 years old.

In future bolgs, we will talk about choosing the right implant type, location of implant and incision choice.

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