Revisional Breast Augmentation Surgery

There is nothing more disappointing than having to have gone through the time, expense, and emotional energy of a breast augmentation – only to be unhappy with the result. There are a few different reasons that the patients are unhappy with their results:

1) Size: Rarely does the patient think they are too large – but up to 25 % of the revisional operation are done to make a patient larger. It is very important to use sizers or other ways to demonstrate to your plastic surgeon what size you want to be.
2) Shape: The final result may be too round, too low, too high, too lateral, too medial. It is not always possible to make the perfect shape: but if you are going to redo your breast – choose a plastic surgeon with a fair amount of experience with this problem.
3) Sag: Often patients with long term implants will start to sag after weight gain and loss, pregnancy, or time. Often a breast lift will be needed.
4) Capsular Contracture: When the breast becomes firm, distorted, or painful. There are good nonoperable and operable techniques for this problem which occurs in 3 – 12% of the patients.
5) Rupture: This is more common in saline implants (6%) and older implants.

Make sure you seek the consultation of an experienced plastic surgeon when you choose to redo your breasts.

Breast Augmentation – What is right for me?

Breast Augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed to help a women feel better about themselves. After helping over 3,000 women either make their breast larger, smaller, or just more even and perky, I have gotten a good understanding about how important a women’s breast are to their self image and happiness.

I actually became a plastic surgeon because someone close to me had a breast augmentation, and it totally changed her personality. She went from a quiet introvert to an outgoing, vivacous individual. I thought -” That is cool!” They were able to change her life through surgery.

Breast implants are nothing more than a volume and shaping device that is placed beneath your tissues in order to get a larger or more shapely breast. When choosing the appropriate size for you, you must realize that your new breast size will be what ever volume of breast you already have plus the amount we add to your breast. You also want to choose a size that you will be happy with now, when you have a child and you are at the PTA meeting and want to carry around when you are 65 years old.

In future bolgs, we will talk about choosing the right implant type, location of implant and incision choice.

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