Revisional Breast Augmentation Surgery

There is nothing more disappointing than having to have gone through the time, expense, and emotional energy of a breast augmentation – only to be unhappy with the result. There are a few different reasons that the patients are unhappy with their results:

1) Size: Rarely does the patient think they are too large – but up to 25 % of the revisional operation are done to make a patient larger. It is very important to use sizers or other ways to demonstrate to your plastic surgeon what size you want to be.
2) Shape: The final result may be too round, too low, too high, too lateral, too medial. It is not always possible to make the perfect shape: but if you are going to redo your breast – choose a plastic surgeon with a fair amount of experience with this problem.
3) Sag: Often patients with long term implants will start to sag after weight gain and loss, pregnancy, or time. Often a breast lift will be needed.
4) Capsular Contracture: When the breast becomes firm, distorted, or painful. There are good nonoperable and operable techniques for this problem which occurs in 3 – 12% of the patients.
5) Rupture: This is more common in saline implants (6%) and older implants.

Make sure you seek the consultation of an experienced plastic surgeon when you choose to redo your breasts.

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