How Much Botox is Right For Me?

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Here in Savannah, we typically see patients in our office inquiring about how much Botox is right for them. This is often a result of advertising that offers patients a fixed amount of Botox for a reduced price. As many of you know already, Botox is the trade name for a muscle paralyzing medication that we as  Plastic Surgeons use as an injection to paralyze specific muscles of the face. Once muscles that “contract” are paralyzed the overlying skin lines (wrinkles) often fade or all together dissappear. The effect usually takes anywhere from 5 to 14 days for the maximal effect to be evident, and will last anywhere from 4 – 6 months depending on the person.

The amount of Botox you will need is specific to you as a person. Here at the Georgia Institute of Plastic Surgery, we tailor the amount of Botox injected to your specific needs and goals. If you desire to get rid of forehead lines, crow’s feet or want smoother contour between your eyebrows… then you may need a larger dose. The dose you may need to achieve your desired result is patient specific because everyone has a unique amount of muscle mass.  Its important to consult with your Plastic Surgeon when you are considering any injection or procedure.  We encourage you to call us today for a consultation, 912 355 8000.

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